The Project & Conservation Program Awards For 2010

Title: Wild Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Enhancement Project
Funding Period: Summer 2010
Sponsor: Elizabeth Scott, The Nature Conservancy in Nevada
Location: Independence Lake, California
Requested Amount: $10,000.00. Funded Amount: $10,000.00.
Strategy: Reconnect / Restore

Goals & Objectives:
1. Improve the conditions in Upper Independence Creek for spawning LCT to increase overall population. The project is one of four in 2010 that support the long-term conservation outcome at Independence Lake of increasing the number of spawning adult LCT from the current number of 175 adults to 500-1,000 adults annually.
2.Remove the old, non-function fish weir to restore natural hydrology of Upper Independence Creek.
3. Restore 80-feet of cut bank to reduce sedimentation in Upper Independence Creek.

Expected Results & Benefits:
1. Remove all traces of the historic and non-functioning weir, including steel, lumber, concrete, rebar, cyclone fencing, and rip-rap.
2.Restore the associated downstream cut-bank by regarding the stream bank and constructing a log revetment to stop erosive process that exceeds a natural range of variation.
3. Improve spawning and cover habitat for Lahontan cutthroat trout in the affected area of the stream channel.

Other Stakeholders:
California Department of Fish and Game, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Bella Vista Foundation, Patagonia Wild Trout Initiative, IGT, The Bretzlaff Foundation.

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