The Project & Conservation Program Awards For 2010

Nature Conservancy Press Release

High Sierra Resource Workshop for High School Students
Funding Period: Summer 2010
Sponsor: Nancy Light – The Nature Conservancy in Nevada
Location: Carson River Watershed – Carson Valley (NV) & Carson Iceberg Wilderness (CA)
Requested Amount: $4000.00. Funded Amount: $4000.00.
Strategy: Sustain

Goals & Objectives:
1. Provide an opportunity for high school students to connect with nature by offering positive, hands-on learning opportunities that capture the imagination, encourage the senses and demonstrate the balance that must be achieved between the needs of human and communities.
2. Utilize the Carson River to:
i)   engage students in critical thinking;
ii)  evaluate conservation issues;
iii)  provide hands-on learning opportunities;
iv)  help students better understand the interface between urban areas and wilderness;
v)   understand resource management strategies and opportunities;
vi)  explore career opportunities
vii) participate in an ongoing on-the-ground conservation project

Expected Results & Benefits:
Educating the next generation of citizens to the benefits of intelligent conservation planning.

Other Stakeholders:
Lahontan Audubon Society, Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, Backcountry Horseman, US Forest Service.

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