The Project & Conservation Program Awards For 2010

Title: Pilot Peak Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Research
Funding Period: Februrary 2010
Sponsor: Matt MaplesĀ  - Nevada Department of Wildlife, Western Region Fisheries
Location: Marlette Lake and Catnip Reservoir
Requested Amount: $4305.00. Funded Amount: $4049.33.
Strategy: Restore / Sustain

Goals & Objectives:
1. Increase the knowledge of Pilot Peak LCT in Marlett Lake and Catnip Reservoir by gathering biological data (i.e. growth rate, life span, spawning characteristics, and body condition) and angular data (i.e. catch rate and angler satisfaction).
2. Develop a statistically viable dataset on life history characteristics of Pilot Peak LCT in tow differing lacustrine environments.

Expected Results & Benefits:
This study will increase the understanding of Pilot Peak LCT in lacustrine environments and provide data that can be applied to sport-fish enhancement, broodstock management and LCT recovery actions.

Other Stakeholders: None

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